【键盘侠】湖人胜鹈鹕-季后赛临近 季后詹出没!

【键盘侠】湖人胜鹈鹕|季后赛临近 季后詹出没!
[Post Game Thread] The Los Angeles Lakers (44-12) defeat the New Orleans Pelicans (25-33), 118-109.【赛后帖】洛杉矶湖人(44胜12负)今日在主场以118-109打败新奥尔良鹈鹕(25胜33负)。詹姆斯40分8篮板6助攻7失误,戴维斯21分14篮板3助攻6封盖,格林17分5篮板4助攻,麦基2分9篮板,波普15分2抢断,卡鲁索8分3篮板8助攻;英格拉姆34分7篮板4助攻7失误,锡安29分6篮板3助攻,费沃斯8分3篮板,霍勒迪11分5篮板9助攻,鲍尔10分8篮板8助攻,梅利11分6篮板。————————[–]Lakers lakeshowbest 76 指標 4小時前Lakers are 38-0 now when leading at the end of 3rd quarter. 38-0!!Lakers are 18-0 when Lebron scores 30+.湖人球迷:我湖抢先完毕第三节的竞赛现已38胜0负了!老詹得分破30时,我湖18胜0负![–][DAL] Wang Zhizhi suzukigun4life 220 指標 4小時前LeBron heard all the Zion talk and decided to make a statement tonight王治郅球迷:老詹听到了锡安赛前的讲话,决议今晚表个态。[–]maverickhistorian 125 指標 4小時前Zion didn’t disappoint either but lebron put on a show锡安也没让人绝望,不过今晚是老詹的舞台[–]Magic TheAerial 33 指標 4小時前Two dudes who have (So far in Zion’s case) lived up to almost impossible hype? Ofc you knew this battle was gonna live up to the expectations.Dwight played great defense on Zion, but boy did he eat pretty much everyone else. Including lowkey bodying tf outta AD at times.I mean his athleticism is beyond well documented at this point but every game it still feels just surprising somehow just how explosive he really is.戏法球迷:两人应该都对得起那些张狂的吹捧吧?你必定知道两人能在这场战役中打出期望值。霍华德对锡安的防卫很好,不过这孩子碰上其他人几乎通吃,尤其是有几回还用身体抗过了戴维斯。他的天分早就溢出了,不过每次看他打球的时分,仍是会被他的超强爆炸力震慑到。[–]Hornets TanManGaming 18 指標 4小時前Lebron said “The future is not yet young man”黄蜂球迷:老詹说,“未来还不是你的,小伙子”[–][LAL] Marcelo Huertas henstobs11 30 指標 4小時前This was honestly the most focused he’s been all season in a single game and I can’t deny that it might be because of the versus Zion hype lmao he’s shown more playoff Bron flashes in this game than both Clippers matchup games combined湖人球迷:讲真,这是詹姆斯整个赛季最为专心的一场竞赛,无法否定的是,或许有对立锡安的原因,哈哈哈,老詹这场竞赛展现出的季后詹风貌比对快船两场加起来还要多[–]Lakers Nickmi 8 指標 4小時前He was more tuned in for the celctics and nuggets before the all star break imo湖人球迷:那我觉得全明星休赛期前打凯尔特人和掘金他也进入了季后詹频道[–]Lakers darklord0530 24 指標 4小時前Kind of selfish of LeBron to take the lead with him everytime he sits湖人球迷:老詹有点自私啊,自己下场就算了,每次还要把抢先优势也带走[–]Lakers the_boy_who_lied 428 指標 4小時前LeBron with the ANTI Harden stat line of 40 pts and 1 freethrow.湖人球迷:老詹在仅射中一次罚球的状况下拿到了40分的反哈登式数据。[–][CHI] Derrick Rose thatdude0125 139 指標 4小時前Man was at the rim a lot tonight too公牛球迷:并且老詹今晚频频冲击篮下[–]Lakers Heor326 117 指標 4小時前LeBron is getting no calls湖人球迷:可他得不到哨子[–][CLE] Jeff Green Ballzagna 27 指標 4小時前The NBA/refs suspiciously gave them all to Zion.骑士球迷:联盟和裁判涉嫌把哨子都给锡安一个人。[–]Lakers lovedogs1323[] 48 指標 4小時前The amount of disrespect Lebron gets from the refs is absurb湖人球迷:真是离谱,裁判竟然这么不尊重老詹[–]Lakers oyechotu 81 指標 4小時前It seemed as if the refs today just weren’t calling the foul when he was contacted on his drives湖人球迷:形似詹姆斯带球往内线冲被他人碰到的时分,裁判今日便是不吹[–][LAL] LeBron James introvert_duck 81 指標 4小時前Today? More like a few seasons now.湖人球迷:就今日?几个赛季了好吧[–]Suns bageltheperson[ ] 83 指標 4小時前That’s so bizarre太阳球迷:真是怪异[–][HOU] Hakeem Olajuwon Kuboinks 125 指標 4小時前Especially when you see Zion with 19 attempts火箭球迷:再对比下锡安的19次罚球[–][LAL] Marcelo Huertas henstobs11 186 指標 4小時前Most aggressive scoring performance from LeBron all season. And he gets 2 FTs for it. 27 FGs (16 non-3 FGs). He really is allowed to get hacked on drives.For comparison Zion had 18 FGs and 19 FTs. Not saying he didn’t deserve the calls but if you’re calling it like that for one guy I don’t see how LeBron only gets 2 FTs.湖人球迷:这是老詹这个赛季最有攻击性的得分体现。而他只需两次罚球。出手27次,16次是两分球出手。他带球冲起来的时分,对手真是能够随意砍。做个比较,锡安18次出手,19次罚球。倒不是锡安这些罚球不应该,可你要是吹了锡安的那些,那我就想不通詹姆斯怎样就只需两次罚球了[–][CLE] Jeff Green Ballzagna 63 指標 4小時前This game really made me question the officiating. It seemed too easy for Zion to get to the line. Almost as if the NBA wanted Zion to beat LBJ tonight.骑士球迷:这场竞赛的判罚的确让我质疑。锡安上罚球线太简略了,几乎就感觉联盟便是想让锡安今晚打败詹姆斯[–]bottleofwehike 19 指標 3小時前The argument is usually about lebron being so strong, so they cant call every foul. But this is getting out of hand now, if this will be the case for playoffs, bron will be mad af. When they show the replays of his layups, you can always see that he got hit to the arm. If we compare the amount of free throws the other superstars get, refs really hate lebron imo.之前詹姆斯罚球少吧,理由一般是他太健壮了,所以不能每球都吹。可现在越来越无法无天了啊,这要是在季后赛,老詹怕是要喷火。老詹那些上篮回放的时分,你总能看到他的手臂被打到。再对比下其他超巨得到的罚球数,感觉裁判是真的不待见詹姆斯。[–][LAL] Brandon Ingram xElectricW 56 指標 4小時前*Zion practically lived at the rim, a lot of them were legit fouls but it was annoying seeing him go to the line damn near every possession. I really like him though湖人球迷:锡安就差住在篮下了,他的许多罚球的确是被犯规了,可是你特么几乎每个回合都能上罚球线,那也太烦了吧。不过我诚心喜爱锡安。————————[–]Mavericks Mr-Sister-Fister21 28 指標 4小時前Man I love watching Caruso.独行侠球迷:我好爱看卡鲁索打球啊。[–]Mavericks Mr-Sister-Fister21 7 指標 4小時前He who is tired of Alex Caruso is tired of life.独行侠球迷:谁要是厌恶了卡鲁索,那便是厌恶了日子[–][DAL] Wang Zhizhi suzukigun4life 740 指標 3小時前Caruso: +20 in 18 minutesRondo: -17 in 12 minutes王治郅球迷:卡鲁索:进场18分钟,正负值+18隆多:进场12分钟,正负值-17[–][GSW] Klay Thompson kiidlocs 29 指標 4小時前wtf is vogel doing勇士球迷:沃格尔搞毛线啊[–]Lakers lower-case-only 8 指標 4小時前I ask that every time Rondo comes off the bench instead of Caruso. Or even Quinn Cook. I can’t understand what the coaching staff sees in Rondo湖人球迷:每次看到隆多而不是卡鲁索候补进场我就会问这个,哪怕是库克上也好啊。真不知道教练组看中隆多哪儿了[–]Lakers WE_FAM_NOW 27 指標 4小時前He’s the only other real ball handler other than Lebron, tho Caruso’s handle is getting better and better. Everyone getting in the mix is good for the team. Do you really not remember how good Rondo played in literally the game before this? Ay, ay, ay. Idk what to say about us Laker fans.湖人球迷:隆多是除了老詹之外,我湖仅有的真实的持球人,不过卡鲁索的控球越来越好了。人人都参加对球队是功德。莫非你们真不记得上一场竞赛隆多的体现有多好了吗?哎,我真不知道该咋说咱们湖蜜。[–]Lakers iHadSexWithNBAmods 57 指標 4小時前Saving him for the playoffs he just teasing us right now湖人球迷:沃格尔这是逗咱们玩儿呢,他要把卡鲁索留到季后赛用。[–]Kings TheFoxKing5 17 指標 4小時前At least Vogel played Caruso more and sat Rondo. If Rondo is playing bad he’s a huge net negative on the floor.国王球迷:至少沃格尔让卡鲁索这场打得更久。要是隆多打得欠好,那他在场上的影响力十分负面。[–][CLE] Cedi Osman FormerlyElgarmanvenn 345 指標 4小時前You can literally feel the energy shift when Caruso checks in. The closing line up with him – Green – KCP – LeBron – AD is filthy as fuck骑士球迷:卡鲁索上场的时分,你还真能感受到球队的相貌在改动。收割阶段他、格林、波普、老詹和戴维斯这套阵型真尼玛反常。[–]Lakers quantumsquarepants 87 指標 4小時前Lineup of death come playoff time.湖人球迷:到了季后赛便是逝世阵型了[–]Lakers rawchess 45 指標 4小時前Not even a small lineup either, Danny’s 6’6 and Lebron’s obviously big enough to defend 4s.湖人球迷:这乃至都不是小个阵型。格林6尺6,老詹那么壮,显着是能够防4号位的。[–]Lakers henryofclay 27 指標 3小時前And I always forget that Caruso is a legit 6’5. Always feels like he’s 62-6’3湖人球迷:我老是忘了卡鲁索其实有6尺5的身高,总觉得他是6尺2左右[–]BluefaceBabyYeaAight 134 指標 4小時前Dwight was amazing too, played the best D on Zion霍华德也很凶猛啊,在锡安面前打出了最强防卫[–]Lakers Slobbles 59 指標 4小時前and KCP is a different animal湖人球迷:并且波普也是个不相同的怪物[–]shanmustafa 148 指標 4小時前Kuzma -19库兹马正负值-19[–]BluefaceBabyYeaAight 28 指標 4小時前Vogel keep throwing Kuz with the worst Lakers lineup i.e. the Rondo-LeBron-Dwight lineup, that lineup always play trash together and gives up leads but Vogel still does it every single game.沃格尔老是把库兹马放到那套最菜的湖人阵型里,比方隆多、老詹和霍华德在的阵型,这套阵型一般打得很废物,浪掉抢先优势,不过沃格尔每场竞赛仍是要用。[–]atlfirsttimer 30 指標 4小時前No, the lineup that blows leads is Rondo, Davis, Kuzma不,浪掉抢先优势的是 隆多、戴维斯和库兹马在的阵型。[–]BluefaceBabyYeaAight 9 指標 4小時前That still isn’t as bad as LeBron-Rondo-Dwight lineup, the other team literally just pack the paint and leave Rondo wide open and LeBron kicks it to him and he bricks it for the 100th time.这仍是没老詹、隆多和霍华德这套阵型菜,对手只需缩到内线、放空隆多就好,老詹往里突了之后甩到外面,隆多迎来第100次打铁。[–]Grizzlies MemGrizz_VeryNice 69 指標 4小時前Until garbage time, every player on the Los Angeles Lakers was a net positive in +/-… Except Rondo (-17) and Kuzma (-20).灰熊球迷:这场竞赛废物时刻之前,湖人每个人的正负值都是正的……除了隆多(-17)和库兹马(-20)[–]Lakers ubiasedhoodfriend 87 指標 4小時前Kuzma plays most of his time with rondo so it ain’t really his fault. Everytime rondo is on the court Kuz probably is too.湖人球迷:大多数时分,库兹马都是和隆多一同进场的,所以这真不能怪他。只需隆多在场,库兹马大约也在[–]Lakers rawchess 39 指標 4小時前This Rondo/Kuz lineup has already taken years off my lifespan.湖人球迷:隆多和库兹马一同进场的阵型现已让我折寿好多年了[–]Pistons peacock_tail 6 指標 4小時前i predict Kuzma doesn’t get much playing time in the 2nd round of playoffs and later.just a prediction.活塞球迷:我猜测库兹马从季后赛第二轮开端,就不会得到许多上场时刻。纯猜测啊[–]Lakers matticans7pointO 3 指標 2小時前If Morris plays solid D and hits his open shots there won’t be much need for Kuz come playoff time especially if he isn’t hitting his shots consistently湖人球迷:假如莫里斯的防卫稳,空位也开了,那在季后赛还真没多大必要用库兹马,况且他的篮子也不稳。[–][LAL] D’Angelo Russell Smasher1311 107 指標 4小時前We need to get Rondo the fuck away from Kuzma, not good for Kuz’s game at all湖人球迷:咱们必须得让特么隆多别和库兹马一同进场,这对库兹马的发挥一点协助都没[–]shanmustafa 86 指標 4小時前kuzma’s game just isn’t developed enough to be on a team like this right now. he needs to be strictly a transition player, a strong cuts player, and make open threes. he does too much库兹马现在的才干还不足以在湖人安身。他必须得加强转化进攻、切入,还得进空位三分,他要做的还有许多。[–]Dazegobye 25 指標 3小時前I know its too late in the season to try it but id wish they would try starting kuzma over danny green. Those nervous first quarter shots should be kuzmas while lebron and AD try to play themselves into the game. Danny will get plenty of spot up 3 looks no matter what time of the game he plays in and can always be in the finishing lineup depending on matchups.我知道,这赛季快到结尾了,不过我却是期望湖人能让库兹马替代格林打首发。第一节那些严重的时机应该给库兹马,戴维斯和詹姆斯这会儿还在找感觉呢。至于说格林,不论啥时分进场,他会得到许多定点三分时机的,并且他总能出现在完结阵型里。[–]Raptors im_not_your_uncle 10 指標 3小時前But Danny needs that early shots though. Same concept you said with Kuzma except Danny’s shots is crucial from early to end. Danny’s 3’s needs to warm up early to set the tempo of the game. His threat is the space maker of the team. If he isn’t hitting his shots everybody won’t have the space.猛龙球迷:不过格林需求开场的时机来热热手啊。你说的库兹马也是这个状况,不过格林的篮子从始至终都是很要害的。他的三分必须得早点找到感觉,这样才干为竞赛定调。他的要挟在于为球队摆开空间。假如他的三分没开,那咱们都没空间。————————[–][LAL] Kobe Bryant jaycee1025 278 指標 3小時前Goddamn Zion is going to be a problem for years.湖人球迷:擦,锡安今后便是个大费事啊[–]Raptors wertexx 150 指標 4小時前I’m pretty skeptical on him, not because of his playing ability, that’s no question.His body. He NEEDS to change his high-flying playstyle like Blake did or lose a ton of weight. He’s a freak but those knees won’t last very long.猛龙球迷:我对他仍是蛮多疑问的,不是由于他的才干,这是没缺点的。是他的身体。他必须得改动那种像格里芬相同一飞冲天的打法,要不就减重。他是个怪物,不过他的膝盖扛不住多久。[–]Lakers bocz 93 指標 4小時前Watching Zion jump over people like Dwight for offensive rebounds is one of the greatest spectacles in the NBA right now.It’s inhuman. Nobody should be able to move like that.湖人球迷看着锡安一跃而起在霍华德身前摘下进攻板,这是NBA眼下的奇迹之一。非人啊。人类的身体不能这么上蹿下跳吧。[–]Pelicans thezaland 15 指標 4小時前He fucking LOVES his offensive rebounds. I’ll blink and miss him get one with how explosive the dude is. I’m so happy that I used my time machine to come back to the year before the Pels won the championship.鹈鹕球迷:他尼玛是真喜爱抢前场板。眨眼功夫他就摘得一板,究竟这孩子太劲爆了。很快乐我能够坐韶光机回到鹈鹕夺冠之前的日子。[–]Lakers mrBigBoi 83 指標 4小時前When Zion out jumped and grabbed that rebound from Dwight and then landed on his injured knee leg… I doubt that he can sustain that shit for long. I hope that the Pelicans manage to keep him healthy cuz he is bound to be great player.湖人球迷:锡安跳得比霍华德高,然后拿到那个前场板,落地那一瞬间,受力的是那支膝盖伤过的腿……我觉得他这膝盖撑不了那么久了。期望鹈鹕能主意让锡安健康,由于他注定会成果巨大。[–][OKC] Russell Westbrook WakeUpKevinMiller 43 指標 4小時前Not even 15 games into his career and you guys are already clamoring for him to change his playstyle. Blake, who was already injury prone to begin with, had 4 all-star seasons of dunking everything in sight before he started slowing down and changing his approach.Not saying you may not eventually be right, but it’s really weird to me how we can’t just discuss Zion’s insane ability without constantly concern trolling his playstyle. As if he’s supposed to change his playstyle during his rookie season already. Give him at least a couple of summers or something to work on it. It’s not like it’s so big of an issue he can’t even last a single half season of playing 30mpg.雷霆球迷:他这还打15场竞赛呢,你们就嚷嚷着叫他改动打法。就拿玻璃特点的格里芬来说吧,他可是先扣出了四个赛季的全明星,然后才开端下滑,然后改动打法的。不是说你们这些人说错了什么,可我觉得奇怪的是,咱们能不能单纯地谈论他那逆天的天分,不要总是把他的打法挂在嘴边啊。搞得像是他处子赛季就该改动打法相同。至少先给他几个夏天,让他努尽力再说吧。这个问题也没那么大不了吧,他这乃至都没以场均30分钟的时刻打过半个赛季啊。[–][MIA] LeBron James kalagula 66 指標 3小時前Well yeah… Because he already fucked up his knee in his first game. It doesn’t matter what kind of an athletic freak you are, the joints are the limiting factor. I’m legit scared watching him land on one knee that pounds the ground under 280 pounds from a 44-inch vertical drop.热火球迷:这么说吧……由于他在第一场竞赛就现已动到膝盖了。在NBA打球,你的身体素质怎么反常并不重要,重要的是你的约束要素。看着他280磅的躯体从44英寸的高度重重落下,然后仍是单膝受力,我是真的惧怕。[–]Lakers hargeOnChargers 30 指標 3小時前I don’t understand how people dont get nervous seeing Zion outjumping Dwight Howard for a rebound and landing on one knee with all that weight. Even Derrick Rose fucked his knee up from the same thing and he was like 70 pounds lighter.湖人球迷:那些不忧虑的人我是真的不能了解。最初连罗斯都是这样销毁膝盖的,他比锡安还轻70磅呢[–]Pelicans Andtheyrustledsoftly 119 指標 4小時前*BI and Zion: 65ptsEveryone fucking else: 44.鹈鹕球迷:莺歌和锡安:65分特么其他人:44分[–][LAL] Lonzo Ball _philosopher 19 指標 4小時前Jrue decided to play like Kobe when it is BI that has the hot hand湖人球迷:莺歌手感炽热之际,霍乐迪决议像科比相同打球[–]Pelicans AnotherStatsGuy 9 指標 4小時前If Holiday’s going to be expending all of his energy guarding LeBron, they need a third scorer, Lonzo, Hart, Redick, I don’t care who. I know Frank Jackson can get buckets. Melli doesn’t have the ceiling to raise his offensive output by enough points鹈鹕球迷:假如霍乐迪要把悉数精力用于防卫詹姆斯,那咱们就需求第三得分手,鲍尔、哈特、雷迪克,不论是谁。我知道杰克逊是能够拿分的。梅利的得分上限就那样了。[–][LAL] Robert Horry BikoCorleone 238 指標 4小時前Post-ASB Ingram is in full effect, enjoy watching him Pelicans bros.湖人球迷:全明星后期的莺歌正在全力扮演,看他打球很享用啊,鹈鹕老铁[–][LAL] Derek Fisher rburp 63 指標 4小時前He genuinely is something else this time of year湖人球迷:他一到这个时分就有点东西[–]Lakers thevisitor 15 指標 3小時前I hope they cherish him he was my fav of the young boys湖人球迷:期望鹈鹕能好好爱惜他,究竟曾是我最喜爱的年青球员[–]Celtics Brad-Stevens 22 指標 5小時前Honestly not a terrible game for the Pelicans in terms of a playoff-series standpointGreen/KCP hit more threes than your entire team … Lakers with no real answer for Zion … Jrue shot 5/18Just a wing defender away from being interesting凯尔特人球迷:讲真,以季后赛系列赛的规范来看,鹈鹕这场打得不赖格林和波普两人进的三分比鹈鹕全队还多……湖人拿锡安是真没方法……况且霍乐迪只需18中5鹈鹕就缺一个侧翼防卫人[–]NBA osay77[ ] 30 指標 5小時前Lakers shot 13/44 from 3 though. Wasn’t a hot shooting night from them.可是湖人今日三分也才44中13啊。他们今晚的手感也不热[–]Thunder moneybooy 6 指標 5小時前Idk why Lonzo only played the last 2 minutesHe should be on the floor and not Hart雷霆球迷:不知道为啥就让鲍尔打了最终两分钟他应该早点在场上,而不是哈特[–]Trojantrpt 20 指標 5小時前Ummm Zion got blocked multiple times and had extremely momentum shifting turnovers… The stats ain’t the game man. Also BI was cash from everywhere while AD couldn’t finish in the paint.That’s a sweep easily.呃,锡安这场吃了几个火锅,并且还有些很影响士气的失误……数据并不能体现他的体现。莺歌的得分无处不在,而戴维斯却无法在内线完结完结要是两队在季后赛碰上,湖人轻松横扫[–]Timberwolves the___heretic 6 指標 4小時前Lakers definitely did a great job of containing Zion tonight. Might not seem like it since he still scored 29, but they never let him truly dictate the game or gain any real momentum.森林狼球迷:湖人今晚对锡安的约束很成功。或许看起来不是这样,究竟他仍是得到了29分,不过湖人还真没让锡安决议竞赛,也没让锡安打出过气势。————————[–][LAL] Kwame Brown adrm304 107 指標 5小時前AD fucked around and got a double double. Awesome that even on a bad shooting night you can still rely on his defense. And we also still have LeBron Fucking James.湖人球迷:戴维斯打得欠好,仍是拿到了两双。好在即使他今晚没有手感,咱们仍是能依靠他的防卫。并且咱们仍然有特么的詹姆斯![–]Lakers CaCHooKaMan 50 指標 5小時前I mean AD still had 21 points, 14 rebounds and 6 blocks. Not the dominant AD that he normally is but that’s still better than like 90% of the league could do on their best days.湖人球迷:我觉得吧,戴维斯仍然拿到了21分14板6帽啊。的确没打出以往的统治力,不过这样的他仍然比联盟90%的人生计最佳体现强。[–]Lakers jelloisjigglin 23 指標 4小時前Probably AD’s worst game of the season and he still found a way to have a double-double and have a big impact.He missed a lot of easy looks tonight and also settled too much.湖人球迷:这也许是戴维斯这赛季打得最欠好的一场,不过他仍然设法拿下了两双,打出了自己的影响力。他有许多简略时机投丢了,并且也打得有些过于闲适了。[–]NBA nomad80 47 指標 4小時前just mentioning this; AD just needs to learn and translate LeBron’s mental approach to the game. it will make him incredibly hard to stop就这么说吧,戴维斯便是需求学习老詹的那种精力意志力并将其转化到竞赛中。这样他才干无法阻挠。[–][LAL] Brandon Ingram xElectricW 53 指標 4小時前I hate to say it but he’s kinda soft, love having him and he’s been amazing this season but he’s not a bruiser at all湖人球迷:我厌烦这么说,不过戴维斯有点软,有他在我湖很高兴,他这个赛季一向都很超卓,不过他压根就不是那种狠人物。[–]Lakers popcorninmapubes 33 指標 4小時前AD reminds me at times of Pau that first season in 08.湖人球迷:他有时分让我想起了08年在我湖打第一个赛季的加索尔[–][LAL] Brandon Ingram xElectricW 11 指標 4小時前That’s a good comp, I definitely agree湖人球迷:这个比较蛮好,我赞同[–]LBW1 38 指標 5小時前Although Lebron is not yet in playoff mode, he’s definitely no longer LeCoasting. He’s in a pre-playoff mode stage at this point. Last few games, he’s been aggressive and taking over the games.虽然詹姆斯还没敞开季后赛形式,可是他必定不是划水詹了。现在的他处于季后赛前期形式。近几场竞赛,他一向很有攻击性,并且接管了竞赛[–]Lakers spyirl 10 指標 4小時前Pretty sure he is coasting. For some reason he got up for this game I guess the Zion hype.湖人球迷:我觉得他便是一向在划水。这场竞赛强势了一把我觉得是由于锡安的热度。[–]LBW1 10 指標 4小時前Nah, he was putting up numbers in the last 3 games. He averages 33ppg since the all star break.不啊,他最近三场的数据都上升了。全明星休赛期之后场均33分[–]JSBrar1994 13 指標 4小時前Insane that the man is coasting and still 2nd in the mvp race这个男人分明在划水,竟然仍是MVP排名的第二,难以想象啊[–]Warriors zepkah 46 指標 5小時前*I know Giannis is most likely going to be the MVP, but LeBron is at least making it somewhat interesting.勇士球迷:我知道,字母哥很或许会成为MVP,不过至少老詹让MVP的竞赛多了点趣味性[–]Lakers spyirl 39 指標 4小時前I’d like to see if Giannis could win an MVP with Rondo on his team.湖人球迷:要是和隆多一个队的话,我想看看字母哥还能不能拿到MVP[–]shanmustafa 104 指標 5小時前i’m all in on lebron for mvp. this team would win a smooth 30 games without him. they are an eyesore to watch without him on the floor.also, caruso is really really good. he needs to be getting 20+ minutes consistently.timeout with 46 seconds left, okay whatever, timeout with 18 seconds left???? cmon now what the fuck alvin gentry我全力支持老詹拿MVP。要是没他的话,这支湖人或许就赢30场。他不在场的时分竞赛几乎无法看再有,卡鲁索诚心凶猛。应该每场让他进场20多分钟。还剩46秒叫暂停,行吧随意,可你只剩18秒还叫暂停???金特里搞毛线啊[–]__pulsar 40 指標 4小時前LeBron dragging that 2018 Cavs team to the finals was amazing. They were straight ass the next year.詹姆斯最初拖着17/18赛季的骑士打进总决赛那才叫凶猛。他走之后骑士直接嗝屁[–]return_of_the_ring 37 指標 4小時前He played 82 games that season and made it to the finals. He was the MVP for me for that season.Also, that Toronto series was something else. Never have I seen dominance like that.他那个赛季打了82场。我觉得他便是那年的MVP并且打多伦多的那轮系列赛也了不起。我从未见过那种等级的统治力[–]Cavaliers Courtside_Convo 7 指標 4小時前LeBron James is one of a kind. Will never be another like him ever again. Enjoy it.骑士球迷:詹姆斯便是绝无仅有的。像他这样的球员不会有第二个。好好享用吧————————来历:Reddit编译:云长刮个痧a.topic-link {margin: 10px auto;display: block;width: 600px;}.topic-box {width: 600px;height: 75px;background: url(‘//tu.duoduocdn.com/uploads/day_160627/201606271101388748.png’) repeat-x;margin: 0 auto;position: relative;}.topic-thumb {position: absolute;left: 5px;top: 3px;height: 69px;width: 92px;background: url(‘http://tu.qiumibao.com/uploads/day_170919/zt_3111505780239.jpg’) no-repeat;background-size: 100% 100%;}.topic-angular{position: absolute;right:0;top:0;width:46px;height:42px;background:url(‘//tu.duoduocdn.com/uploads/day_160627/201606271101463680.png’) no-repeat;}.topic-box b {position: absolute;left: 105px;right: 15px;color: white;line-height: 75px;overflow: hidden;text-overflow: ellipsis;white-space: nowrap;}美帝键盘侠—歪果仁精彩谈论汇总


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